Is Arenas beach

Your Holiday in Sardinia by the sea

The municipal beach of Is Arenas is located by Is Arenas Camping Village, just 200 meters away. Thanks to a white walkway positioned on the sand, you can reach one of the longest beaches in the province of Oristano, characterized by the famous dunes that remain today on a few stretches, but which make this beach very suggestive.

Red-yellow sand with golden reflections and crystal clear water are ideal for those who love the sun, sunbathing and for children who can play in search of shells for their sand castles. The sea water degrades very gently, making it easy and safe for children to access.

The shoreline of Is Arenas beach is periodically subject to the beaching of Posidonia: an algae endemic to the entire Mediterranean basin, present in the stretches where the seabed is cleaner. The marine environment of Is Arenas has one of the best preserved Posidonia meadows in the entire region. Sometimes the sea, beaten by the Mistral wind, brings the seagrasses in a single night that settle on all the 6 km of shore and after a few days it takes them back just as quickly. The presence of posidonia can be annoying but it is an indication of high environmental quality, «much better than a“ blue flag ”» as the WWF states verbatim.

The beach of Is Arenas is enclosed in wonderful landscapes: behind the territory of Monteferru, ideal for those who love excursions in the Sardinian hinterland, on the left the Sinis peninsula with Capo Mannu and on the right Torre del Pozzo.


Is Arutas

In the nearby municipality of Cabras, famous for its naturalistic areas where pink flamingos nest, is the Is Arutas rice beach, made up of grains of pink, light green and pure white quartz. Ideal for those who love snorkeling because of its beautiful seabed.

GPS: Lat. 39° 56′ 2.6448″ N – Lon. 8° 24′ 4.662″ E

Mari Ermi

In the municipality of Cabras, between the dunes and the pond, there is a particular beach with very fine ocher sand alternating with white quartz sections. Ideal for families with small children as the seabed is shallow and safe.

GPS: Lat. 39° 58′ 5.9952″ N – Lon. 8° 23′ 55.7988″ E

La penisola del Sinis

San Giovanni di Sinis

The Sinis Peninsula is an archaeological area known for the ruins of Tharros, and of course for its 4 km of golden beach interspersed with rocky basalt and sandstone areas. Ideal for a whole day dedicated to the sea, Sardinian history and traditions. Visit the fishing village and stop for an excellent lunch among the different restaurants in the area!

GPS: Lat. 39° 52′ 6.0564″ N – Lon. 8° 26′ 22.2612″ E



Not far from Is Arenas Village, in the municipality of Cuglieri, there is a small small beach, set between stretches of rocky coast that form a natural arch over the sea. The bay is sheltered from the wind and the sea is almost always calm inside, the beach is not suitable for families with children. In the evening, the beautiful promenade and the natural arch illuminated by a lighthouse make it a truly romantic place!

GPS: Lat.40° 5′ 21.0588″ N – Lon. 8° 29′ 32.568″ E

The beaches of the West Coast

Discover Sardinia away from mass tourism

The West Coast of Sardinia, far from the flocks of tourists, in terms of beauty has nothing to envy to the most famous Sardinian coasts. Long stretches of high coast overlooking the sea shaped by the Mistral wind that has made some areas more inaccessible but extremely suggestive, alternate with white and golden sand beaches. Which ones should you visit?