Sport and relax in Sardinia

Sea, sun and a lot of activity for everyone

Would you like to practice some sportrelaxing and to be outside? Here you can ride a bike or have a horse ride.

Find out the unusual tourist route near Is Arenas, here you can do it because the Oristano area is not a real popular area. The hinterland and Montiferru area are perfect to discover customs and local traditions. With mountain-bike, reach the small restaurants to the rural areas and have fun!

Trip in Mountain-Bike

Find out Sardinia with a mountain-bike

Roberto Pigato, bike-tourist guide, with his Bike Or Company, will rent you the perfect mountain-bike for you!

Live an unpopular experience with your family and your friends finding out the amazing Sinis Peninsula, with its breath-taking view, cliffs, towers and ponds…

Kitesurf, windsurf e vela

Where the northwest wind blows harder

Capo Mannu promontory is known as the sailing sport capital. Sure enough the northwest wind, that blows from north, north-east, that can get waves high as of 5 meters. That’s why, this area is suggested only to expert people. This is the location for the only Italian wave race, where only the top 10 riders can attend to win “Boss of the Bosses”.

Mari Eri beach is safer, but anyway it is necessary to be careful to the depth and the rocks.  Amazing waves are waiting for you!

Snorkeling and diving

Mal di Ventre Island

The granite, wild and uncontaminated island deserves a tour: it is breath-taking! The sea has thousand turquoise shades, the rich ocean floor hide crustacean, mollusks, fishes, ship wreck and sunk boats.

For these reasons the island is the perfect place for everyone whose love snorkeling and diving.