Accommodation Contract

TITLE I – Preliminary Provisions

1. Property and Object

  1. “The campsite “Is Arenas” is managed by AWS s.r.l., with its operating premises located at “Is Arenas Pischinappiu”, Narbolia (OR), tax number and fiscal code 02500350224, herein after indicated as “Is Arenas Camping Village”.
  2. Is Arenas Camping Village supplies its clients with a campsite service as defined by the L.R.Sardegna 14 May 1987 nr. 22 and following actualization and modifications.

TITOLO II – Procedures

CHAPTER I – Services supplied

SECTION I – Permitted Persons to Supply

2. Admissions
1.The Campsite service is supplied exclusively to units of minimum 1 and maximum 6 components.
2.Management reserves the right to admit larger groups.

3. Guests 
1. Clients are allowed to receive guests within the facility.
2. Access is granted to guests only during the reception’s opening hours ( 08:00 – 20:00, the schedule may vary depending on the high or low season) and after the payment of the required tariff.
3. Minors are not admitted unless accompanied by an adult, who is obligated to observe their conduct for the duration of the time within the facility and responsible as required by law for any consequences pertaining to Arenas Camping Village and third parties.

SEZIONE II – Bookings and Stay Limitations

4. Deposits and Balance payments for Arenas Camping Village
1. Within 5 days of the request for a booking a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the stay must be deposited.
2. In the case of a non-refundable rate, the total amount of the stay must be paid by bank transfer or credit card within 5 days of the booking request.

6. Diritto di recesso
1. The client can at any time cancel their booking by notifying Is Arenas Camping Village by writing.
2. A cancelation means that Is Arenas Camping Village must return the deposit made upon booking in line with the following amounts if the booking is made with the refundable rate:
a) 100% of the entire amount of the deposit, if the cancellation occurs between the booking date and the 60th day prior to the start date of the stay;
b) the deposit will be transformed into a voucher if the cancellation occurs between the 59th day and the 30th day before the start date of the stay usable within the end of the summer season of the following year;
c) No refund of the amount paid, if the cancellation occurs after the 29th day before the start of the stay.
c) no refunds are provided for bookings with a “Non Refundable” rate.

7. Length of Stay
1. The booking in binding.
2. In the case of early departure the client will in any case have to pay the balance of the booked stay.

8. Booking Cancellation
1. Each booking is personal and therefore cannot be sold or given to third parties for whatever reason.

CAPO II – Check-in

9. Arrival and Registration
1. Clients arrival and formal registration at Reception may only take place during the times exhibited at the entrance to the reception facility:

  • Bungalows, roulotte, tree tent and bell tent: from 15:00 to 20:00
  • Pitches: from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 20:00.

2. During registration the client and his guests must supply Is Arenas Camping Village their personal information by producing a valid identity document; in the case that there is further variation in the amount of guests hosted, the client must commit to informing Is Arenas Camping Village, that same day and deliver the relative identity documentation to management.

10. Delays
1. In the case of delayed arrival at the campsite, the client must in any case pay the tariff for the booked days even if not used. A client is allowed a delay of arrival after the booked starting date of up to but no later than 12:00 on the second consecutive day of the booking. If at this point the client hasn’t arrived at the campsite and has not informed, even if only telephonically, Is Arenas Camping Village, it is their right to make the said accommodation available again.

11. Key consignement (Village guests)
1. Keys for accommodation is available from 15:00 on the day of arrival and must be given in by 10:00 on the day of departure.

12. Pitches assignment (Campsite guests)
1. It is compulsory that the client occupy the site assigned to them by management or wait to be accompanied to see the sites available to them.
2. Occupying a different site to the one assigned will only be allowed by written or verbal authorization from management and with the conclusion of a new registration procedure.

CAPO III – Check-out

13. Departure
1. The Guest must depart from the accommodation facility on the last day of their stay by the following times:

  • by 12:00 if with a camper, caravan or tent;
  • by 10:00, if in a bungalow.

14. Payment
1. Payment for ones stay, as well as any other extra services for which one is not subject to immediate payment may only be made during Reception’s opening hours.
2. At one’s departure from the facility it is compulsory to show the personnel at the exit check the fiscal document proving final payment.

15. Deposit
1. As guarantee for the facility and it equipment management requires that during check-in the guest to deposit  in cash the amount of €100.00 for bungalows and €50.00 for caravans . At the end of one’s stay appointed personnel will check the state of one’s site or accommodation and then proceed with the return of the deposit or retain what is needed to cover any possible damages.
2. This is subject to the Is Arenas Camping Village’s right to request compensation for the biggest damage.

TITLE III – Rules and regulations reguarding clients and their guests’ conduct


16. Respect for Vegetation 
1. It is forbidden to modify in any way the flora within the facility, as well as putting up washing lines amongst the vegetation, unless authorized by management.

17. Fires

1. It is highly forbidden to light open fires anywhere with the accommodation facility and or in the surrounding areas.
2. This is subject to compliance with the most restrictive regulations of the authorities responsible for the preservation and conservation of the natural heritage.
3. Use of the designated barbecue areas within the facility is exclusively allowed on days when a “moderate” wind, no stronger than a 3 on the Beaufort scale ( between 5.5 -8m/s) is not blowing and with scrupulous attention to the rules of use exhibited on the designated boards near each barbecue point.
4. The use of gas cookers is allowed on sites as long as they are placed more than a meter from any surrounding vegetation.
5. It is forbidden to light smoking products within the “respect zone” in other words within the area that includes the sandy seashore and the area designated to sites, with the exception of the barbecue points that are signposted by specific signboards.

18. Waste disposal

1. It is forbidden to dispose of waste outside of the sign posted collection points in respect with the present regulations on recycling. Please look at the Campsite rules for more information on the waste disposal procedure.
2. It is prohibited to throw out any type of water from anywhere other than at the appointed waste disposal points, which are clearly marked, within the facility (this is the compulsory disposal method for all liquids for caravans and campers) and/or outside of the sanitary facilities.

19. Use of Electric Cables and Equipment

1. It is prohibited to obstruct roads within the accommodation facility with cables and/or any equipment of electronic origin, and to hang such objects on the surrounding vegetation.
2.The accommodation facility staff is explicitly authorized to immediately and without warning disconnect any cables or electronic equipment that are in violation of the rules here above stated. They are also authorized to remove any connecters or plugs that do not conform to the present standards.
3. It is forbidden to attach, to the ground and/or to trees, any antenna, satellite dishes or other signal capturing devises for radios or televisions. 20. Use of Sound Devices

20. Use of sound diffusion equipment

1. During the entire 24 hour period one is forbidden to use any musical instrument or sound equipment loudly, to give an example but not restriction, TV, radio etc. It is forbidden to use any sound equipment during Quiet Time.

21. Respect of Rest time and rules of conduct

1. It is forbidden to conduct oneself in any way that creates a disturbance of the peace within the accommodation facility and the relative surrounding areas as well as the seashore in front.
2.During “Quiet Time”, (13.00 – 15.00; 00.00 – 07.30) which are clearly marked within the facility and on the Campsite Rules, it is forbidden to put up or take down tents, talk with a tone that is not suitable for peace and quiet, or the use mechanical machines. The use of the children’s playground is allowed. Management, at its unquestionable discretion, can waiver said times for entertainment activities.

22. Pets
1. Pets are allowed on sites, in bungalows and caravans, upon showing an up to date certificate of vaccinations.

23. Site Changes
1. It is forbidden to make any changes to ones designated site, unless for reasons justified by specific weather conditions that are particularly unfavorable and put both people and /or things at risk; in this case the client is obligated to restore the site back to its original state once these conditions finish and at their own personal expense.

24. Playground

1. Access to the playground is allowed only to children that are accompanied by an adult and who is responsible as required by law for any consequences pertaining to Arenas Camping Village and third parties.

CHAPTER II – Access and use of vehicles within the facility

25. Vehicles

1.The use of ones vehicle within the campsite is limited to the unloading (at arrival) and loading (at departure) of ones tents, equipment and luggage if staying in a bungalow or mobile home. It is forbidden to use ones vehicle in the case of unloading groceries or other such activities.
2. For the unloading and loading procedure one must not take longer than 2 hours unless one has written authorization from management.
3. Access is always forbidden during the following time: from 13:00 to 15:00 and from 00:00 to 07:30.

26. Caravans 
1. Access to the accommodation facility is only permitted to standard homologated campers as required by the competent authorities; this also includes the booking process. Management personnel have the right to ask to be shown the suitable documentation.
2. Leaving the accommodation facility is allowed with 12:00 and it is compulsory that campers return to their site by 00:00 of the same day. In any case, during the period from 13:00 to 15:00 and 00:00 to 07:30 or in those indicated differently within the Campsite rules, it is forbidden to use mechanical machinery within the facility and its surroundings.

27. Limitations
1. Access to the accommodation facility by any motor vehicle of any engine size is not allowed unless they are pushed with the motor off or electrically driven, with exception to those driven by Is Arenas Camping Village personnel.

28. Use of Vehicles
1. For the use of vehicles within the accommodation facility, a speed limit of 5km/h or walking pace has been established.

29. Parking
1. The facility has a designated carpark located in a location near to it.
2. Obstructing the emergency exits with any type of vehicle is forbidden and subject to removal. In the case of obstruction by the same vehicle for the third time, it will be removed and/or confiscated at the owners expense and will only be returned to said owner at the end of their stay.

CHAPTER III- Emergency Management

30. Emergencies
1. In the case of a medical emergency, serious natural event, situation of danger to public safety, fires, sea issues and other potentially dangerous and damaging events, one must contact the Is Arenas Camping Village staff, if on duty, or consult the information noticeboard at Reception, where all relevant telephonic references are exhibited for every possible type of help needed.

TITLE IV – Responsibility

31. Client and/or Guest Responsibility
1. Clients and/or their guests are personally responsible in respect to Is Arenas Camping Village and/or third parties for any damages to persons and/or objects, directly and/or indirectly, caused by the consequences of conduct that violate the rules in the here present contract and/or other present regulations that are applicable.

32. Resolutions
1. Violation of the client’s obligations presented in the contract herein will entail, depending on the gravity of the situation, a verbal or written warning from the facility’s management.
2. If the client does not desist in these violations of contract immediately after receiving the written warning, this breach will cause the dissolution of the contract, directly and immediately, and obligate the client and their guests to vacate the accommodation facility within 6 hours of being informed of said dissolution, and also , as required by penal clause, to pay the corresponding amount for their entire booking, even if they have not stayed for the entire duration, with the rights reserved by Is Arenas Camping Village to retain the deposit until they satisfy the outstanding credit, as well as be compensated for the biggest damage.

TITLE V – Final Regulations

33. Variations 
1. For any variations to the supply capacity of the campsite service, that are not in contrast with the regulations herein, will be rendered public on the designated communications noticeboard located at the entrance of the facility.
2. Possible variations reserved for a singular client will be communicated to said client in writing. The relative document must be available to see at any time at the request of the accommodation facility’s personnel. Each waiver is personal and does not establish an equal right in favor of third parties.

34. Contestation
1. The present contract is subject to Italian laws and due to this provision it makes expressed reference to the present standard laws and, in the lack of these, the standard customs and practice. Any contestation in relation to the execution or interpretation of the present contract will be exclusively the responsibility of the Brescian courts.

35. Dissolution of Contract 
1.The here present contract with the rights and obligations that it includes will be automatically transferred, without the necessity of client consent, as a result of merger, take over or sale of Is Arenas Camping Village business or a branch of said business.
2. The client is forbidden to give or sell the here present contract to third parties.

36. Closing Clause
1. Potential tolerance on the part of Is Arenas Camping Village, referring to client and/or their guests conduct that is in violation of what is expected by the present contract, does not constitute any waiver of relative rights that they are entitled to on the basis of this selfsame clause.
2. In the case that any contractual clause proves to be, for any reason, non-compliant with binding regulation of the law, the here present clause will be ineffective, without prejudice to the validity of the remaining clauses herein.
3. The here present contract constitutes a complete manifestation of all the agreements involving all parties covering the regulation of their rights and obligations in terms of the objective of the selfsame agreement. It is understood that all other possible previous or diverse, verbal or written agreements, whether between the parties or in the case of third parties are annulled and made ineffective in conformance with the here present contract.
4. Any modifications to the terms and conditions of the present contract as required by law must be in written form or shall be null and void.

37) The specific and expressive approval of the following articles: