Internal Regulations Is Arenas Camping Village

These Regulations are displayed both at the entrance and inside the campsite.  The act of entering the site implies their complete acceptance and observance on the part of the guest. These regulations are not intended to be an exhaustive regulatory complex, but a necessary addition to the Accommodation Contract, which we invite each Guest to read.

In the interests of all, the Management reserves the right to remove and criminally prosecute those who fail to observe even a single point of this regulation or whose behaviour jeopardises the maintenance of internal order and peace on the site.

The cooperation of our guests is essential to guarantee a peaceful and pleasant stay for everyone.

ART. 1: Access to the Campite

  1. Entry to the site is allowed only to those who have been duly authorised and who have presented a document for legal registration. Non-compliance is a violation of the provisions of the penal code. Anyone caught inside the campsite without authorisation from the Management will be reported for violation of residence and will be required to pay a fine of €50.00.
  2. Check-in for bungalows is possible from 3.00 pm until 7.30 pm, and from 10 am to 13 noon and from 3.00 pm to 7.30 pm for pitches. Any other arrival time must be reported to the Management at the time of booking. The Management will reserve the right to implement changes to these times.
  3. Upon arrival we require an identity document for all the guests of the reservation, which will be returned after registration.
  4. Minors will not be admitted unless they are accompanied by an adult for the duration of their stay, or are in possession of written permission from their parents with a copy of the parents’ identity document attached.
  5. The arrival of a number of people which is greater than the maximum allowed in the housing units must be reported at the time of booking, including children; this will usually result in the cancellation of the booking and the loss of the deposit paid.

ART. 2: Cars or Motorcycles and movement and parking of vehicles

  1. The use of cars is authorised only for operations of unloading (on arrival) and loading (on departure) of tents, camping equipment and luggage for stays in bungalows and mobile homes. It is forbidden to use cars to unload shopping bags or similar items.
  2. Loading and unloading operations cannot take more than 2 hours unless expressly authorised by the Management, and vehicles must not move around the site during the hours of silence (1.00 pm – 3.00 pm and 00.00 pm – 07:30 am).
  3. Cars and motorcycles can must be fitted with a PASS to be visibly applied on the windscreen.
  4. Cars and motorcycles are only allowed to travel at a walking pace to reach the housing unit/pitch, or to exit the site from the aforementioned locations, for loading and unloading operations at the beginning and end of the stay.
  5. Motorcycles can be parked in the designated area within the campsite.
  6. For the safety and security of everyone, customers who use a vehicle other than a car or motorcycle must always respect the Highway Code, even inside the site. Otherwise the vehicle will be held in custody until departure.

ART. 3: Stay

  1. Housing units and pitches with reservation are assigned by the Management.
  2. During the time of silence, from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm and from 00.00 am to 07.30 am, the movement of any type of motor vehicle is prohibited; entry and exit are allowed only on foot; radios, TVs and other sound equipment should not be audible outside of housing units and tents/caravans.
  3. It is forbidden to: occupy the pitches, bungalow areas and free parking spaces with cars or objects. Install any type of tent outside the pre-established areas, particularly near the housing units. Smoke inside the bungalows; use the electric power supply of housing residential units/pitches for improper purposes; Use a charcoal barbecue in the terraces/pitches of the housing units, unless it is gas or electric, subject to the approval of the Management; throw cigarette butts on the ground and not in the specific ashtrays; feed the cats of the feline colony on the site. For people under the age of 18: to buy and/or consume alcoholic beverages.
  4. On the day of departure, guests can stay on the site until 10.00 am for bungalows and 12.00 pm for pitches. Moreover, they will be obliged to move their car/motorcycle outside the structure.
  5. We inform our guests that at the beginning and end of the season, some services may be reduced or not in operation.

ART. 4: Temporary guests

  1. Temporary guests (persons accommodated for 1 or more nights by the owners of the housing units/pitches) must register with an identity document and pay for daily entrance as per the price list.
  2. Their arrival and departure must be reported in real time to the Reception Office, which will provide for their registration.
  3. In the event that undeclared attendance is found, the guest is required to pay the entire stay for all the surplus persons at the time of the check from the date of their arrival.

ART. 5: Day visitors

  1. Day visitors are admitted, but they must submit a valid ID which will be returned upon departure.

ART. 6: Departure – Payment

  1. The housing units must be vacated by 10.00 am, the pitches by 12.00 am. Any departure made after the aforementioned time will result in a charge for an additional day of stay.
  2. Before entering the bungalows, guests must pay as a secutiry deposit €100 in cash for each bungalow and €50 in cash for each caravan.
  3. The Office is open every day at the following times: from 08.00 am to 08.00 pm. Time schedule may vary depending on the high or low season.
  4. Payment can be made by: cash, debit card, VISA, MASTERCARD, CARTASI credit cards. We do not accept payment by cheque.
  5. Departing customers who need to return their keys are not allowed to stay with their car/camper/caravan on the campsite, but must go to the reception, leaving the pitch free.
  6. Departing customers who need to return their keys are not allowed to stay with their car/camper/caravan on the campsite, but must go to the reception, leaving the pitch free.
  7. The check of the housing unit is carried out at the time of departure. In the presence of damage, shortages and/or conditions of particular disorder: dirty crockery and containers for separate collection not emptied at the green island or rubbish not separated at all, the Management will withhold the security deposit paid as compensation.
  8. No reductions are made in case of arrival which does not conform to the booking or in case of early departure compared to the booked period. In the event of an early departure from a pitch with reservation, the price of the pitch will be applied for the entire booked period, while for people the charge will be applied until the actual day of departure.

ART. 7: Recycling

  1. Waste must be deposited in the special bins in tightly closed bags. Special waste such as scrap, household appliances, wood, corrugated paper, etc. and any other type of waste that cannot be contained in the bags must be disposed of at the expense of the camper who produced them. Any instructions for recylcing are described in the specific Regulations delivered upon arrival and available at the reception.
  2. For each type of waste, the respective bags can be purchased at the minimarket.

ART. 8: Environment

  1. Vegetation: it is forbidden to tamper with the vegetation in any way, to hang wires on it for clothes, attach electric cables or other objects of any nature. Our staff are authorised to remove what is prohibited here and affixed to the trees immediately and without notice; we suggest that you bring clothes lines or borrow them at the reception. In the event of vegetation being cut, or removed, except for compensation for damages and other laws, the person responsible will be removed from the site.
  2. Maintenance of the location:the pitch owner must keep it clean and tidy, they cannot dig holes and, where this is necessary for exceptional and urgent meteorological reasons, at the end of this event they must immediately return the land to its original condition.
  3. Waste water and water for washing: for obvious ecological reasons, it is forbidden to pour out waste water, water with detergents or water from the washing (even partial) of vehicles. It is forbidden to wash vehicles. Anyone caught doing this will be obliged to pay a penalty of €20.00.
  4. Waste disposal: it is forbidden to dispose of waste water, of any type and from any source, outside the specific duly indicated points of use located within the accommodation facility (mandatory procedure for the discharge of caravan and camper slurry) and/or outside the toilets.
  5. Separate waste collection:Please observe the rules for separating waste, as explained in the specific panels of the collection points distributed throughout the campsite and the material available at the reception. Bags for each type of waste can be purchased at the mini market. After use, Guests must carefully close them to prevent the leakage of material and place them inside the containers at the recycling points.

ART. 9: Animals

In line with our animal-friendly policy, all pets are allowed onto the site. In this regard, we invite you to read our Dog Rules. We also remind you that the area of the site has been designated a feline colony, so we kindly invite our customers to take note of this in case of allergies or discomfort with the felines.

ART. 10: Silence

Rest should be allowed from 24:00 to 07:30 and from 13:00 to 15:00. Therefore arrivals, departures, assembly or disassembly of tents, entry to the accommodation complex, use of sports and leisure facilities and equipment are not allowed. Noisy meetings and the use of sound reproducing devices are prohibited. The use of motor vehicles is prohibited.

During silence it is forbidden to assemble or disassemble tents, speak loudly, drive around in a car or camper, contain yourself in any noisy way, this being equally valid for adults and children. The use of the children’s playground is allowed. The sectors involved in the entertainment can follow different times for events in the interest of the guests, without having anything to complain.

We recommend you use musical instruments, radios, televisions, computers, magnetic or digital media readers exclusively at the allowed times and only at a low volume or with the aid of suitable earphones to avoid disturbing other guests. It is also forbidden to hang any kind of IAV radio or TV antennae on trees and facilities.

ART. 11: Grills/Barbecue/Fire

It is forbidden to light fires or charcoal or wood stoves in the pitch as well as on the beach. Violation of this rule constitutes a crime. The use of the structure’s appropriate grill is allowed on days without wind and in the manner set out therein, with particular reference to never leaving the fire unattended, to the prohibition of the use of flammable liquids, paper, pine cones or dry branches to light the fire, of means which produce a flame which is not constant characteristics and which can release sparks. The use of gas stoves in the pitch is allowed, provided they are not less than one metre from vegetation. It is forbidden to tamper with them or to not use the firefighting equipment which is specifically provided for the purpose such as shovels, hydrants, fire extinguishers. We recommend you put out matches or cigarettes carefully. Infringement of these rules, in any case which constitutes a serious risk to people and objects, in addition to the legal ramifications, will result in removal from the site.

ART. 12: Electricity

Usually 220 volts, 6 / 10 / 16 amps For safety and fire prevention reasons, it is forbidden to lay cables over roads and affix cables to vegetation. The staff of the structure are explicitly authorised by the signatory of the residence contract to immediately and without prior notice remove cables which are laid out in contrast to what is indicated or which have joints or plugs which are not in accordance with EEC regulations.

ART. 13: Cleanliness, tidiness during the stay

Pitches and lodgings must be kept after during the stay and returned decently clean and tidy upon departure.

ART. 14: Use of Toilets

The toilets must be left, after use, in the conditions in which they would like to be found. Guests are required to make proper and civil use of the toilets.

ART. 15: Damages, degradation and annoyances

The bungalows and pitches available for our guests are checked, functional and in good condition. Our guests are invited to report any violations immediately to the reception.

  1. In case of problems, the customer will have to bear the civil liability. In the event of damage, the Management reserves the right to charge the customer the cost of the repair or replacement. It is the same for any infringement found after the customer’s departure, the amount of the compensation will be charged to the customer’s card.
  2. In the event of voluntary or involuntary degradation of infrastructures, materials, objects, environment, the Management may request full reimbursement with a penalty and damages from € 1000.00 to € 2000.00.
  3. The campsite may charge a cleaning fee if the bungalow or pitch is left in a state that will be deemed unsuitable.
  4. In general, the customer will have to pay the damage caused directly to the structure. You can use your insurance (if you want to be reimbursed) for any voluntary or involuntary damage you will cause during your stay.
  5. In case of non-compliance with the camping rules, the customer will be asked to leave the structure without being able to request any refund.
  6. Noise, even during the day, is prohibited. The customer who causes disorder or scandal in any form, will be asked to leave the facility immediately and without any refund. Any inappropriate noises will be reported to the police if necessary.

ART. 16: Further information

It is strictly forbidden:

  1. Throwing waste out of the appropriate containers.
  2. Dig channesl in the ground.
  3. Pour oils, fuels, boiling, staly or any other liquind on the ground.
  4. Throwing sewage on the field.
  5. Wash cars or other vehicles in the field.
  6. Use motorbikes or mopeds inside the accommodation complex.
  7. Wash or bathe at field fountains.
  8. Wasting or using water improperly.
  9. Introduce weapons or ammunitions of any kind.
  10. Carrying out commercial activities.
  11. Display banners and posters of a political or religious nature.
  12. Washing clothes in the dish sinks.

ART. 17: Danni – Rc – Oggetti Smarriti – Furti

The use of sports and leisure equipment is at the user’s own risk. The objects found in the village must be delivered to the Management.

Inoltre, la Direzione non risponde di:

  1. The Management is not liable for damage caused by: conduct of other guests, matters of force majeure, natural disasters such as falling trees or branches, or other causes not dependent on the negligence of the site staff.
  2. The Management is not liable for lost and/or stolen items or valuables.
  3. Items found within the site must be handed over to the Management.
  4. Participation in all sports activities is to be considered a free choice by the customer. Any harmful consequences arising from the customer’s conduct cannot be attributed to the site.

Participation in all sports and other entertainment activities is to be considered a free choice by the customer. Any harmful consequences deriving from the customer’s conduct cannot be attributable to the village.

ART. 18: Unauthorized

People caught inside the accommodation complex, without authorization from the Management, will be reported for trespassing pursuant to art. 614 C.P.

The camper surprised with guests not duly declared and registered in the Management, is required to pay for each person as a penalty, an amount equal to the stay rate from the day of start of occupation of the pitch or accommodation, with a minimum of 8 nights without prejudice to the Management’s unquestionable right to immediately terminate the stay contract and expel the Guest and his / her nucleus. The Management also reserves the right to take criminal action against those responsible pursuant to articles 614, 624, 633 and 637 of the Criminal Code.

The access and presence of unauthorized people on the campsite involves:

  1. Violation of the Public Safety Regulations
  2. Violation of art. 614 C.P. (housebreaking)
  3. Violation of art. 633 C.P. (invasion of land and buildings)
  4. Violation of art. 624 C.P. (theft of services)
  5. Contractual fraud offensee

ART. 19: Eviction

The Management reserves the right to remove from the campsite those who, at its sole discretion, disturb the harmony and the good course of community life.

Behavior contrary to the rules and agreements of this regulation entitles the Management to expel the Guest and his / her nucleus, reserving all civil and criminal actions.

In case of early departure with respect to the booking period, the customer will have to pay the full amount agreed at the time of booking.

ART. 20: Changes to the regulations

The Management reserves the right to modify and / or add further clauses at any time. The publication of the new regulation both at the entrance and within the complex is full acceptance by the Guests.