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We will reopen on June 19!

Is Arenas Dog Camping Village

Your holiday with your dog in Sardinia

Are you looking for a holiday with your dog? Is Arenas Pet Village is the perfect place for you! It is on the Is Arenas beach, it is in the middle of our fresh pine and we have a special consideration for all our pet friends. They are allowed also in our bungalow.

We absolutely know how important is to go in vacation with our dog, but not always is possible.
We organized a lot of comfort for all our little friends to make sure that your holiday will be perfect!
Is Arenas Pet Camping Village has just few rules to follow to make sure you will have an unique experience.

Pet holiday services

Is Arenas beach is free and really closed to our camping. You can choose an area on the right of the village, it will be more relax, therefore more pleasant for everyone. It would be better in the early morning or during the sunset when the air is a little bit fresher.

After a nice day on the beach, if you would like, in Is Arenas Camping Village you can rinse your dog with sweat water. Before to sleep, take your dog in the fenced area and let your dog run and play with the other dogs. Imagine how wonderful!